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Solcon News

June 2018: New Solbrake Brochure, Join Solcon Solutions at EASA, Thanks to Makrodim!

Solcon Solbrake Brochure

The new Solbrake Electronic Brake brochure and the new SCP-C Cathodic Protection brochure are ready to download. We also recently released the 2018 Solcon Product Guide, the new iStart Catalog and the new Solcon Data Logger (SDL) brochure and they are also available to download.

To Download:

1. Solbrake Electronic Brake brochure

2. SCP-C Cathodic Protection brochure

3. 2018 Solcon Product Guide

4. iStart Catalog

5. Solcon Data Logger (SDL) Brochure

2018 EASA with our new North American partner, Solcon Solutions

2018 EASA

2018 Expo Electrica Internacional with Makrodim
Makrodim, Solcon's Global Partner in Mexico, recently exhibited at Expo Electrica Internacional. Makrodim displayed their expertise in Medium Voltage Solutions including using a HRVS-DN to start a fan within their booth. Makrodim and their team also hosted Izzi Eicher, Solcon Industries' Global Sales Manager, during the show and we appreciate all of their hospitality. Thank you, Makrodim for spotlighting Solcon products and your engineering expertise! For more information on Makrodim, please visit their website:


Makrodim Mexico

May 2018: New Solcon Product Materials & Thank You For Joining Us at Hannover Messe

Solcon Product Materials 2018

The 2018 Solcon Product Guide, the new iStart Catalog and the new Solcon Data Logger (SDL) brochure are available for download.

To Download:
1. 2018 Solcon Product Guide
2. iStart Catalog
3. Solcon Data Logger (SDL) Brochure

2018 Hannover Messe: Thank you for Visiting

Jonathan Barrie Solcon Data Logger

During the Hannover Messe Fair, Solcon released the new Solcon Data Logger (SDL). Jonathan Barrie, Vice President of Global Marketing & Strategy, shared the medium voltage capabilities of the SDL, "The Solcon Data Logger eases the burden of commissioning, helps diagnose systems maintenance and increases a motor's lifespan."

To learn more about the Solcon Data Logger, please contact Solcon.

March 2018: Join us at Hannover Messe in Germany

Hannover Messe 2018

To receive your free, full admission tickets to Hannover Messe, please follow the instructions. The full link is included in case the site re-direct does not work on your device:
Use this link:
1. The link will take you to the eTicket registration/activation website. The form is pre-populated with Solcon's guest code. Do not change this information.
2. Follow the easy registration process.
3. After registration, you will receive a personalized ticket by e-mail for printing in A4 (German standard paper size) and showing at the entrance, as well as for mobile use.
4. Please note, you must register and activate the email ticket prior to entering the show.

February 2018: Welcome Olivier Truong as New Solcon APAC Sales Manager

APAC Olivier Truong

November 2017: Jonathan Barrie Promoted to Vice President of Global Marketing & Strategy

Jonathan Barrie Solcon

October 2017: iStart Achieves CCC, Kormarine,
Solcon Global Partner Spotlight: Makrodim

iStart Low Voltage Soft Starter

Solcon Industries is pleased to announce that the iStart Digitally Advanced Low Voltage Soft Starter achieved CCC certification up to 690A. "Congratulations to our engineering team for another great achievement," said Gil Briman, Solcon CEO. "After recently passing the vibration test on the ProGear and then achieving CCC on the iStart, it demonstrates their dedication to provide robust products that deliver certified safety to our customers and their applications. It's been a great way to continue our 40th celebration!"

For more information on the iStart CCC Certification, please contact Solcon.

Kormarine C & A Solcon

Solcon Global Partner, C&A Electric will be sharing Solcon Marine technology at the upcoming Kormarine show in Bexco, Busan, Korea.
For more info on C & A Electric, click here.
For more info on Kormarine, click here.

Solcon Global Partner Spotlight: Makrodim - Solcon Mexico

Solcon Global Partner, Makrodim is a family owned engineering firm located in Monterrey, México and has been Solcon´s Partner for over 20 years. Established in 1995, Makrodim has the engineering... for more, click here.

September 2017: New European OEM Manager, AIMEX & CSE-Uniserve, Solcon Global Partner Spotlight: Veritas Control

Christian Peilert Solcon

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Christian Peilert as the new Solcon Industries’ European OEM Manager. Mr. Peilert is an electrical engineer and previously worked at Siemens for 22 years where he held various roles centered around sales and marketing for drive technology. During his career at Siemens, Mr. Peilert’s titles included Technical Support Engineer for High Voltage Motor Sales and Regional Sales for Process Industry OEMs.

“Christian’s expertise in industrial motors and motor control solutions within the OEM market provide a new channel of support for our customers,” said Gil Briman, CEO of Solcon Industries. “Christian’s innate understanding of the solutions that are required for this diverse market will allow us to enhance our offerings within Scandinavia and Central Europe.” 

AIMEX Success with CSE-Uniserve

CSE-Uniserve, Solcon's Global Partner in Australia, showcased their mining solutions at the recent AIMEX show in Sydney. Joined by Jonathan Barrie, Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing, they focused on the new DriveStart and HRVS-DN PowerStart and ProGear. "Thanks to CSE-Uniserve for their hospitality and their continued dedication to providing superior products to their customers," said Mr. Barrie. "As we continue to expand the DriveStart's footprint around the globe, it was great to share the new technology as well as the energy savings realized by our customers."

Solcon Global Partner Spotlight: Veritas Control

Solcon Global Partner, Veritas Control is a dynamic company that specializes in control, automation and system integration. We focus on a range of diverse markets such as Marine, Offshore, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water and Industrial Applications. For more information on Veritas Control, click here.

August 2017: ProGear Medium Voltage Switchgear passes Vibration Test

Solcon Industries is pleased to announce that the ProGear Medium Voltage Switchgear recently passed the vibration test. The ProGear has been a mainstay of the marine industry for many years but is also perfect for high vibration installations across the industrial spectrum. The ProGear is now fully type tested according to IEC62271-200 and IEC60068-2-6. For more information on how you can use the ProGear in your applications, please contact Solcon.

Jonathan Barrie presents "MV, LV Soft Starters Control, Solution & Selection"

Jonathan Barrie, Solcon's Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing, recently presented "MV, LV Soft Starters Control, Solution& Selection" to the Institution of Engineers. Invited to speak by Solcon Global Partner, Veritas Control, Mr. Barrie covered a broad range of topics including understanding soft starters, motor protection and how to select the right solution for your application. "It was a great day working with the engineers in order to share the industry trends, the technology and why a soft starter investment can help save your industrial investments," said Mr. Barrie. "Veritas put on a top-notch event and I thank them for their hospitality."

Mr. Barrie travels the globe to educate customers, engineers, field technicians and partners on soft starters, motor protection and industry trends. If you would like to have him speak at your event, please contact Solcon.

July 2017: Welcome Zachi Shefer, Solcon Industries CFO

Zachi Shefer Solcon

Solcon Industries is pleased to welcome Mr. Zachi Shefer as the new CFO. Mr. Shefer is a CPA who also holds MBA and LLM degrees. Previously, Mr. Shefer worked at Schneider Eletric for 18 years and in 2002, he was appointed CFO. During this period, he led a variety of organizational changes and strategic plans in all areas of the company. "Zachi's vast experience within our industry will help us achieve our strategic goals," said Gil Briman, CEO. "In addition to his financial management expertise, his capabilities in team management, product pricing and information systems are a valuable asset as we continue to release new products and technical capabilties into the global market."

June 2017

EASA 2017, LNG Bayelsa and Updated Literature

Free VIP Pass Solcon USA

Solcon USA to Debut the HRVS-DN PowerStart at EASA 2017!
Solcon Industries Celebrates 40 Years Visit us at booth 1226 at the EASA show from June 25-27 in Tampa, Florida, where we will be unveiling the PowerStart technology. The new Medium Voltage Soft Starter includes advanced technology that completely isolates the low and medium voltage compartments. In addition, the new PowerStart includes the new Medium Voltage Control Panel and integrated software.

In addition, Solcon Industries' CEO, Gil Briman, will be at the Solcon USA booth in addition to Jonathan Barrie, the Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing. Mr. Barrie, who will be attending his first EASA, previously managed the Solcon APAC Territory. Mr. Barrie brings his industry, product and application knowledge to the USA market by sharing the new HRVS-DN PowerStart.

LNG Bayelsa

LNG Bayelsa

Continuing the "40 Years of Solcon Industries" Celebration, the HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter is on the LNG Bayelsa. Do you have LNG applications? Look to Solcon for all of your Medium Voltage Soft Starter Application Requirements. And don't forget to check out our new HRVS-DN PowerStart and all of the new protection components - including the complete isolation between the low voltage and medium voltage compartments.

New Solcon Literature

May 2017

The HRVS-DN PowerStart to make USA debut at EASA

Free VIP Pass to EASA Solcon USA

The HRVS-DN PowerStart will make its USA debut at EASA! Visit us at booth 1226 at the EASA show from June 25-27 in Tampa, Florida, where we will be unveiling the PowerStart technology. The new Medium Voltage Soft Starter includes advanced technology that completely isolates the low and medium voltage compartments. In addition, the new PowerStart includes the new Medium Voltage Control Panel and integrated software.

April 2017

Free Hannover Tickets, new LATAM Sales Manager, the DriveStart in Poland

Hannover Messe 2017

Solcon Industries Celebrates 40 Years

Going to Hannover Messe in Germany? We'll be celebrating our 40th anniversary and showcasing the new HRVS-DN PowerStart as well as the new innovations to the DriveStart and the iStart. Come visit us in Hall 11, Stand 36. To receive your free visitors pass, click here. To arrange a meeting, e-mail us.

Welcome Victor Bonifaz Muñoz, Solcon's new LATAM Regional Manager

Victor Bonifaz Munoz

Welcome Mr. Victor Bonifaz Muñoz, our new Regional Manager for the Solcon LATAM region. Victor is an electronic engineer and also has an international marketing degree. He has worked for 6 years at ABB, where he began as a technical engineer for Low Voltage Drive solutions that were focused on mining, cement and the sugar industries. He participated in the design and startup of heavy applications in mills, crushers and winches.  In 2015, he started in a Product Management role for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Drives and was in charge of the business development related with big projects in companies as Freeport-McMoran, MMG Limited, Rio Alto and Glencore. Victor is located in Lima, Peru.

6.3 Multi-Start DriveStart Commissioned in Poland with CES

Solcon Industries completed the successful installation and commissioning of the first 6.3kV multi-start DriveStart system at PGNiG, a gas production facility located in Poland with our partner CES. The system starts and controls two 1500HP compressors which help compress nitrogen gas from 1 atmosphere to 17 bars. The complete solution includes incoming, outgoing, PFC cabinets and the DriveStart... > Read more

New Solcon Literature

February/March 2017

Celebrating 40 Years of Delivering Expertise in Motor Starting -

Hannover Messe 2017

Solcon Industries Celebrates 40 YearsSolcon Industries kicks off their 40th year of providing industry-leading motor controls by releasing the HRVS-DN PowerStart, expanding their iStart offering and deploying new DriveStart capabilities. These new releases enhance Solcon's global motor soft starter offering across all of the industries they serve.

Medium Voltage Control Panel 2017 (MVCP)"It's a very exciting time at Solcon," said Gil Briman, CEO. "We are pleased to offer these new solutions to our customers because they rely on us for precise motor control and protection. The new HRVS-DN PowerStart Medium Voltage Soft Starter now includes a new Medium Voltage Control Panel with enhanced integrated protection capabilities. However, we took the product development a step further, and we added an integrated ECPT that provides complete isolation between the low and medium voltage compartments. This level of protection is the first of its kind across the medium voltage soft starter industry."

In addition to the HRVS-DN PowerStart, Solcon Industries also expanded the iStart, the advanced digital low voltage soft starter that offers superior functionality and motor protection. "We utilized our customer feedback after we launched the iStart a few years ago," said Jonathan Barrie, Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing. "Based upon the industry response, the iStart is now available up to 1100A and includes new communication capabilities." >>> Read the Solcon Update

Where you can see all of these new innovations? We'll be showcasing them at the upcoming Hannover Messe in Hannover Germany. Come visit us in Hall 11, Stand 36. To receive your free visitors pass, click here.

December 2016

Celebrating a "Well-Deserved" Promotion

Jonathan Barrie

December 13, 2016 -- Solcon Industries today announced the appointment of Jonathan Barrie as the new Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing. “As we approach our 40th anniversary, our success as an industry leader is due to our reliance on employee excellence,” said Gil Briman. “With the well-deserved promotion of Jonathan, we continue to expand our reputation as a provider of innovation and impeccable customer support.”

When Solcon's CEO and the executive team decided to create a new position that oversees global product management and global marketing, they only had one choice - Mr. Barrie. "Jonathan's capability to utilize his electrical expertise combined with his innate ability to listen to our customers has created remarkable success for Solcon." said Mr. Briman. Mr. Barrie's 15 years of electrical contract work led him to Schneider Electric until he joined Solcon seven years ago as the Medium Voltage Sales Manager. Mr. Barrie was subsequently promoted to the European Area Sales Manager followed by the APAC Area Sales Manager. "Jonathan's global expertise in the motor control market will help us create new levels of product innovation to help our customers stay at the forefront of industry solutions."

2016 Solcon Global Sales Meeting

Solcon Global Sales

Last week, Solcon Industries hosted the Solcon Global Sales & Engineering Meeting. During the meeting, hosted by CEO Gil Briman, the global teams reviewed new products and solutions that will be offered by Solcon in 2017. In addition, the engineering teams shared hands-on product knowledge regarding industry changes throughout the international landscape. Look for more product updates in 2017!

November 2016

Get Your Free International Workboat Pass!

Free VIP Pass Solcon USA

Going to New Orleans, LA? Join Solcon USA in Booth 853 to learn about our complete line of medium voltage and low voltage soft starters for marine applications, including the HRVS-DN, the DriveStart, the RVS-DN and more. Meet George Tichi, Vice President of Solcon USA Sales, and Kirk Cavitt, Solcon USA Sales Engineer at our booth who will share the advantages of the entire Solcon line of products.

And you can attend for free! Use the code WB4SOL1 when you register and claim your free day pass.

October 2016 - See you in Rio! Join us Oct 24 - 27th

As a global leader in medium voltage and low voltage motor controls, Solcon will be showcasing their solutions at the upcoming Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference in Rio de Janeiro October 24 - 27th. Visit us at Pavilion 3, Israel Pavilion J7, to learn more about Solcon's Global Motor Control Solutions as well as our Regional Technical Support located in Brazil. Meet Leonardo Froymovich, Solcon's Latin America Area and Account Manager, and Marcus Silva, Sales Manager, as they share information on:


September 2016 - Global teams supporting customers

In September, Solcon's executive, sales and engineering teams criss-crossed the globe attending installations, shows, and customer events.

Gil Briman, Solcon CEO, Haim Schwartz, Solcon Vice President of Operations, and Brad Nanna, Solcon USA President, attended WEFTEC in New Orleans and met with customers along the USA's Gulf Coast territory. Christopher Sanderson, Solcon USA's Gulf Coast Regional Sales Manager, introduced the executive team to our new partners located in the region.

Mr. Schwartz (pictured with Brad Nanna) also visited the USA manufacturing facility and met with regional partners.

George Tichi, Vice President of Solcon USA Sales, and Sam Banks, Southeast Regional Sales Manager, presented the DriveStart at the MinExpo 2016 show in Las Vegas. The show was a resounding success and included cross-partner exhibitions with Solcon's preferred partner, Saminco.

We were pleased to welcome customers and partners from around the globe, including IGEA from Belarus (pictured above), who stopped by to get their first look at the DriveStart and discuss the mining capabilities of Solcon's product line. In addition to the DriveStart, the HRVS-DN and Solcon's complete line of motor protection was a big success.


Solcon Global Training

Solcon hosted customers and partners from around the globe in September. Participants from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Belgium, France, Korea, Philippines and Russia joined us for a multi-day training. Topics included the global market and industry-specific information, Solcon's new line of products, technical training, hands-on installation and programming. The training also included field application and service experience with the DriveStart in a live application setting. Thank you to everyone who participated and if your team would like to be a part of the next Solcon training, please contact us!

August 2016 - DriveStart Installed in Poland: Multi-Start Capabilities at 6.3kV

Solcon Industries completed the successful installation and commissioning of the first 6.3kV multi-start DriveStart system at PGNiG, a gas production facility located in Poland. The system starts and controls two 1500HP compressors which help compress nitrogen gas from 1 atmosphere to 17 bars. The complete solution includes incoming, outgoing, PFC cabinets, and the DriveStart.

Dr. Yoram Waltuch and Solcon's engineering team designed, installed and commissioned the multi-start solution for this application because it required high torque motor soft starting at low currents that yield 100% efficiency for the customer.

Solcon's DriveStart is the first IGBT-based Medium Voltage Soft Starter that is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque (heavy loads). The DriveStart prevents motor overheating as well as mechanical wear and tear. The DriveStart excels at saving space and energy usage while meeting top performance requirements. The DriveStart integrated bypass contactor is immediately synchronized and closed after the initial starting process is complete. The integrated Data Logger monitors and records many internal signals used for remote diagnosis and performance analysis.


July 2016 - Meet the new Solcon Sales Director of South America

Marcus Silva

Marcus Silva, the new Sales Director of South America, is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Silva has over 16 years of experience with Distribution Channel Management, System Integrators, and OEM's strategic sales in the industry. Mr. Silva's expertise includes industry segments such as Mining, Cement, Metallurgy, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Marine and Water/Wastewater. Mr. Silva has successfully contributed in different sales positions to companies such as Eaton, Vacon, and Cooper Bussmann.

"Marcus' experience in the South American market allows him to quickly create and deliver the right solutions for Solcon's customers," stated Gil Briman, CEO. "Marcus' technical knowledge and innate capacity to help our customers provides an elevated level of support across industries and applications."


June 2016 - Meet the Soft Starting Experts at EASA 2016

The DriveStart arrives in North America -

Solcon Industries Solcon USA welcomes DriveStart to EASA

Join Us at EASA Booth 233. For more information, click here.

EASA: Booth 233
June 12 - 14 in Toronto, Canada

The DriveStart is the first-of-its-kind IGBT Medium Voltage Soft Starter. Optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque, the DriveStart has started popping up around the world in a variety of applications. Due to the success and our continued dedication to meeting our customer's needs, the DriveStart has landed in America!

Solcon Industries Solcon USA welcomes DriveStart to EASA

Coming off of the recent AIST show in Pittsburgh, it shipped "North of the Border" to Toronto, Canada, for the upcoming EASA show. If you are going to EASA, please note that we did move our booth location to #233. This gives us more space to display the DriveStart and answer all of your engineering and application stories! Don't miss your chance to see it!

If you won't be able to attend EASA, please contact us in order to learn more about the DriveStart!

April 2016: Solcon Updates

> Click here to read the complete April 2016 newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

What's New at Solcon Industries?
The Next Generation of Motor Soft Starters

Come visit us at this year's Hannover Messe 2016 conference, Hall 11, Stand B32. As every year, the Solcon team looks forward to welcoming you, whether you are already a partner or a first time visitor to Solcon Industries.

This year, Solcon will be displaying the newest addition to the Digital, Heavy Duty Medium Voltage Soft Starter, discover our PowerStart HRVS-DN - Next Generation of Motor Soft Starts.

Don't miss the technologically advanced, first of its kind, IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter, the DriveStart.

Also on display, will be Solcon's full line of Low Voltage Soft Starters, the iStarts, ranging from 17 - 1100A.

More from our April Newsletter:

Solcon Industries Achieves Achilles Certificate of Qualification

Solcon Industries Achieves Achilles Certificate of Qualification

Certification Includes Solcon Industries' Complete Line
of Products

February 23, 2016 -- Solcon Industries achieved another milestone as the recipient of the Achilles Power & Tech Supply Certification of Qualification. "We continue to offer our customers the highest level of support due to the Achilles Certification," stated Gil Briman, CEO. "Solcon's complete line of products - drives, soft starters, relays and temperature/humidity measuring equipment - were approved under this certification for the third year and this reflects our constant commitment to provide industry-leading solutions to the global market."

For more information on the Achilles Power & Tech Supply Certificate of Qualification, visit


Solcon Industries Welcomes New Solcon USA President, Brad Nanna

Gil Briman Brad Nanna Solcon Industries Solcon USA

New President to Leverage Global Technologies, Industrial Expertise and Reputation for Reliability

February 3, 2016 -- Solcon Industries today announced the appointment of Brad Nanna as the new president of Solcon USA. "As a global leader for almost 40 years in providing solid state motor controls across industrial landscapes, Solcon is poised to expand the North American market with new technologies, new products and a new level of support." said Gil Briman, CEO of Solcon Group. "Brad is the perfect choice to deploy these offerings utilizing Solcon's expertise."

Mr. Nanna's industrial and application experience includes working with Westinghouse, Eaton Corporation, Siemens, and Rexel. "Solcon USA utilizes the global expertise of Solcon Industries and applies it to the unique application issues found within the North American market," said Mr. Nanna. "Our products, solutions and certifications generate a level of customer support that simply can't be matched. Engineers choose us because they know we are there to assist them throughout the lifetime of their project and motor starter application."

"Choosing Brad for this position solidifies the positive changes Solcon USA has made over the last two years," said Mr. Briman. "As an example of our commitment to our customers, Solcon USA moved into a larger manufacturing facility that delivered new technical and production capabilities. This year, Solcon USA will be deploying new technologies created specifically to solve challenges facing our industries."

"It's an exciting time for Solcon USA," said Mr. Nanna. "We look forward to building upon Solcon Industries' market reputation for delivering the reliable products you want deployed in your facilities, in your fields, in your mines and on your ships."

Welcome Our New CEO, Gil Briman

Gil Briman

January, 2016 - Join us in welcoming Gil Briman, CEO of Solcon Group. Mr. Briman’s previous positions include Vice President of Mellanox Technologies, Asia Pacific region, and Vice President of Amdocs, Head of SI Services. Mr. Briman’s vast experience in software and hardware solutions, as well as his in depth knowledge of deploying systems specific to international and regional requirements, adds a new dimension to Solcon’s expertise in the motor control industry.

“As the international market changes, Solcon continues to lead the evolution with new products that build upon our hard-earned reputation as the leading, yet reliable manufacturer of industrial controls,” states Mr. Briman, “I look forward to working with you and sharing our new solutions that are engineered for your industry-specific requirements.”

Discover the iStart. It is easy to commission and simple to operate.

Solcon's new video allows you to discover the perfect low voltage starter and shows you the construction and capabilities of the iStart.

iStart Video

Learn More

• iStart ratings are 17 - 1100A, 208-690V

• Learn more about the iStart by visiting the product page

• Download the iStart product brochure

Soft Starting Water Desalination Applications

Solcon has a long track record of engineering and implementing reliable and durable soft starting solutions at water facilities and treatment plants around the world. Recently, Solcon was awarded two large desalination projects by a returning customer, who is a leading international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company.

Desalination plants are being constructed in many parts of the world to supply drinking water to growing populations, especially in arid and drought-prone areas. Water pumps in such plants drive high pressure sea-water through filtering membranes in order to becoming drinking water. The filtration system is extremely sensitive and requires careful control of the water pressure flowing through the system. It's necessary to ensure that the water pressure increase rate will not exceed 1Bar/s. A traditional configuration is often comprised of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that is used to start the application as well as a complex hydraulic system put in place to minimize possible damage to the pipes and membranes.

However, Solcon developed a number of features dedicated to starting desalination pumps providing complete control of the desalination pump's starting speed and the water pressure increase rate during the starting/stopping process as well as maintaining a reduced starting current to avoid motor overheating. The entire feature package was integrated into the standard HRVS-DN starting software to provide customers with straight forward, efficient and cost effective starting solution.

HRVS-DN soft starters have been successfully commissioned in desalination facilities around the world including 10 units at the customer's facility in 2010. Based on the customer's satisfaction with the performance of the system, they specifically requested Solcon's system for two brand new desalination plants which will be constructed in 2016. The projects will include a total of 17 HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters. Eleven HRVS-DN units (6.6kV, 110A) will be supplied to a desalination plant designed for a 30,000m3 per day capacity; the remaining 6 HRVS-DN units (11kV, 70A) will be supplied to a desalination plant designed for a 200,000m3 per day capacity.

Water Desalination HRVS-DN Water Desalination Pumps HRVS-DN

HRVS-DN Multi-Start for the Oil & Gas Industry

The HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter can be used to start a single motor or to control the start of several motors in sequence. Using the Multi-Star feature saves space and reduces construction and installation costs provided the soft starter is selected correctly.

In a recent installation, 2 HRVS-DN units were commissioned with the multi-start feature to start ten asynchronous motors. Each unit (rated: 6.6kV, 500A) was configured to start five motors rated 6kV, 220A, 2MW powering compressors in an Oil & Gas production facility. An MPS-3000 unit (motor protection and control relay) was supplied for each motor. This dedicated motor protection kicks into action after the soft starter bypass closes and the motor is in steady state operation.

Originally the motors were started direct on line (DOL). However, over time this starting method damaged the motors, in severe cases even cracking the rotors. Downtime due to motor repair and maintenance had serious financial effects, leading the plant engineers to switch to soft starters.

Solcon worked closely with the local integrator and the facilities' engineers to design a system that would leverage the existing infrastructure, the factory's future needs and complement the integrator's electrical equipment. The durability and reliability of Solcon's Soft Starters provided a complete, simple, and cost effective motor starting and protection solution.

Oil & Gas Industry HRVS-DN Oil and Gas Industry Solcon's HRVS-DN

Increasing Production and Performance in the Cement Industry

In 2015, Solcon has been expanding its operations in Central Asia. Kicking-off our activities in the region is the Qizilqumsement project in Uzbekistan.

Qizilqumsement, one of the largest cement factories the country, has embarked on an upgrading process, updating its existing machinery and adding new operations in order to increase production and productivity. As part of this ongoing process, Solcon was selected to supply the Soft Starting systems for 16 Medium Voltage motors running new and existing machines.

Working together, Solcon's Engineering Department and our local partner Mekhatronika Engineering designed a custom-made starting solution that met all off the mechanical, electrical and technological requirements set by Qizilqumsement. The solution included a dedicated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to allow integration with the existing infrastructure as well as the plant's future expansion plans.

The initial phase of the project included the commissioning of two HRVS-DN Multi-Start Systems for a ball mill and a conveyor belt. The first HRVS-DN Multi-Start System was commissioned to start an existing synchronous motor (rated: 3.2MW, 10kV), powering two ball mills. The second HRVS-DN multi-start system was commissioned to start two existing asynchronous motors (rated: 315kW, 10kV) powering two 3km long conveyors. Both systems were previously starter Direct on Line (DOL) and over the years the gears of the motors had been repaired and even replaced due to the effects of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock. The HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter eliminated the mechanical wear and tear ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Ball Mill with Solcon's HRVS-DN Conveyor with Solcon's HRVS-DN

iStart – Low Voltage Mining Applications

Conveyors used in the mining industry are prone to mechanical damage due to high starting currents and starting torque. Soft starters are used to provide smooth motor acceleration and deceleration, eliminating mechanical shock especially when the application is loaded. The iStart, Solcon's advanced Low Voltage Soft Starter is a perfect fit for these types of applications controlling voltage, reducing torque at startup thus avoiding stress on motors bearings and shafts.

A stone quarry planning an add-on of six conveyor belts selected the iStart to start the new low voltage motors (rated 15-30kW). Solcon's technical pre-sales team supported the customer's design process providing a tailor made solution. The iStart units were installed on-site and configured for remote control via Modbus communication.

The iStart, Solcon's advanced Low Voltage Soft Starter is easy to commission and simple to operate. It provides a built-in comprehensive motor control package and a wide range of advanced features in a compact space saving design. Rated 17-430A, 208-690V it is suitable for pumps, critical applications that need complete motor protection and inside-delta connections.

iStart Size A B C for Conveyor Control

DriveStart Commissioned to Start a Vacuum Blower
DriveStart Vacuum Blower

Solcon's DriveStart was selected to start a Turbo Air Vacuum Blower at a paper mill replacing an existing Reactor Starter. The Reactor Starter was used initially to start the blower (3.3kV, 400A, 1700kVA), but it was challenging to start with the limited available current and the electric network restrictions. In addition, starting the motor using this method was only allowed during pre-scheduled production stops.

Solcon's DriveStart was able to start the blower well within the limited current requirements during the normal production period reducing the plant's downtime. The DriveStart provides full torque start at nominal motor current or even lower and is ideal for starting large Medium Voltage motors supplied by weak electrical networks.

DriveStart Vacuum Blower

March 2015 Newsletter
Hannover Messe 2015

Join us for the latest innovations in Solcon Soft Starters at Hannover Messe (Hall 11, Stand B32).

We will be presenting our leading Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Soft Starters as well as the DriveStart Medium Voltage high torque Soft Starter.

  • DriveStartIGBT based, Medium Voltage Soft Starter (up to 11kV, 600A)
    The first of its kind IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque. Saving costs, energy and space while meeting top performance requirements.
  • ProGear Rated up to 12kV, 1250A
    Fully type tested arc resistant Medium Voltage Soft Starter switchgear.
  • RVS-DNHeavy Duty, Low Voltage Soft Starter (8-3000A, 220-1200V)
    Low Voltage, High Power! Presenting Solcon's heavy duty, highly reliable Low Votage Soft Starter.
  • iStartAdvanced, Low Voltage Soft Starter (17-430A, 208-690V)
    Our new and most advanced digital Low Voltage Soft Starter. Easy to commission and simple to operate.
  • HRVS-DN – Heavy Duty, Medium Voltage Soft Starter (2.3-15kV, up to 48MW)
Contact us to receive a free entrance pass.

iStart is now available from 17-430A, 208-690V
iStart Brochure

iStart is Solcon's latest, most advanced soft starter providing the optimal solution for a wide range of applications. With a built-in bypass and 2 or 3-phase control. enhanced soft-start and soft-stop characteristics and a comprehensive motor protection package it is one of the best Low Voltage soft starters in the market.

HRVS-DN Starts an Industrial Compressor Solcon RVS-DN

HBriones S.E., Solcon's partner in Chile, was invited to bid on a Soft Starting solution for a compressor at Planta HPN Concón, a new Nitrogen production plan developed by Indura (Chile).

Indura has been developing these types of projects in Chile and other countries across Latin America, using different starting methods such as DOL, Auto Transformer and Soft Starters. HBriones offered Solcon's technology in order to reduce cost, optimize use of energy and shorten delivery time.

After an internal analysis of this proposal, Indura selected Solcon's highly reliable HRVS-DN (300A, 4.16kV) Medium Voltage Soft Starter solution. The main decision parameter was having a one-source provider of hardware and software for the full required equipment: protection, soft starter and capacitor bank cabinets. In addition, the customer requested remote starting capabilities for the applications.

The project was successfully delivered and commissioned by HBriones and is currently operating smoothly.

About Indura:
Indura, has over 65 years of experience in the production, marketing and development of gases in Latin America. It is part of the American Air Products, a group of global industrial gas companies.

February 2015 Newsletter
Low Voltage, High Current Solcon RVS-DN

For shipyards around the world Solcon's RVS-DN continues to be the soft starter of choice for Low Voltage, High Current applications. The RVS-DN has the widest range of any Low Voltage soft starter in the world, available in 31 models,10 frame sizes, and rated up to 3000A, 220-690V. The RVS-DN can be supplied in a Low Voltage cabinet and has earned certification and approvals from: RINA, RMRS, DNV, Lloyds and Germanischer Lloyds.

Solcon recently supplied a major international Marine integrator with a number of RVS-DN units designed to start the Bow Thrusters on Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). The RVS-DN (rated: 1800A, 690V) was commissioned to start the 1,800 kW motor while limiting the current in order to reduce the size of the generator and the cables required. The Low Voltage Cabinet custom designed made to fit the physical constraints and electrical specifications set by the customer. Solcon also supplied control and monitoring capabilities of ancillary equipment as part of the Solcon Soft Starter solution.

Solcon has over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing market leading soft starter solutions and specializes in the Marine Industry. We know that reliability and performance are a main concern for our customers and therefore we engineer our starting solutions accordingly. The robust design of the RVS-DN adheres to the highest standards, withstands severe environmental conditions, and endures vibrations while maintaining motor uptime. With advanced features, a comprehensive motor protection package and soft start and stop start functionalities the RVS-DN is one of the best and most popular soft starters in the industry.

We will be exhibiting the RVS-DN at Hannover Messe. Please visit us to learn more about RVS-DN starting solutions for Marine, Mining and other Heavy Duty Applications.

HRVS-DN Commissioned for Sugar Cane Roller Mill and Cutter

Ingenio Madre Tierra is one of the leading developers and producers of sugar cane in Guatemala's Sugar Cane Agro-Industry. In line with the company modernization strategy and its continuous efficiency improvement, the company selected Solcon's leading Medium Voltage HRVS-DN Soft Starter to start its sugar cane roller mill and cutter, at its facility in Escuintla, Guatemala. The Solcon Soft Starters replaced existing starting systems which had become obsolete. By installing the robust HRVS-DN, and adopting Solcon's advanced starting technology, Ingenio Madre Tierra expects to boost production rate, reduce maintenance, and maximize uptime.

The HRVS-DN (4.16kV, 600A) units were commissioned to start two existing Siemens 3-phase induction motors with a squirrel cage rotor (rating: 2238kW, 4.16kV). The successful installation and commissioning was carried out by the plant's electrical engineers who were supported by the Siemens Guatemala team. Since the installation, the Soft Starters have been operating smoothly, according to the customer's specifications, and meeting their expectations.

Contact us for more information regarding this and other HRVS-DN projects worldwide

Solcon HRVS-DN Soft Starters
Sugar Cane Roller Mill at
Ingenio Madre Tierra, Guatemala

Multi-Voltage, Medium Voltage Soft Starter Test Bench

Test Bench A new multi-voltage and multi-current HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter Test Bench was commissioned for one of the world's leading pump manufacturers in the UK. The HRVS-DN (300A, 11kV) was designed to accept 3.3kV, 5kV, 6.6kV, 10kV and 11kV incoming Voltages and test a wide range of motors from 30A to 300A.

"The smallest motor the station can test is 155kW at 3.3kV," explains Asher Gal Zur, Solcon's Commissioning Engineer. "The largest is 4.7MW at 11KV. So it has the capability to test some very large pumps, such as would be used on city-wide water distribution networks, for major crop irrigation systems, flood defenses and in oilfield installations."

The Test Bench uses the Soft Starter in a unique way. Highly accurate voltage and current transformers were used in order to accumulate precise test data. This data is transferred by a Profibus link to a central data center providing traceable data for each motor. This data is then
used as a comprehensive starting profile that can be mapped out and
used to develop a fully documented technical manual for each pump
and it's motor. "This documentation is very important, as it enables the
pumps to be set-up and optimized. It is the main point of reference
throughout the pumps' working life (which on a capital pump is likely
to be several decades)" says Asher. Test Bench

Contact us for more information on this or
other HRVS-DN applications.

LNG Vessel Compressors and Pumps Powered by Solcon

Solcon ProGear

• Multi-start solution for 5 motors
• ProGear - Type Tested Arc Resistant Switchgear
• Marine certified

Solcon was selected by a leading global integrator to supply 24 HRVS-DN (6.6kV 250A) Medium Voltage Soft Starters for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vessels currently being built in Asia. Each LNG vessel will be equipped with 2 ProGear Medium Voltage Soft Starter cabinets (Port/Starboard). Each of these systems is configured to start 3 compressors and 2 pumps. The HRVS-DN is the latest generation, Medium Voltage Soft Starter. It provides advanced features, enhanced motor protection, customizable starting curves and sophisticated electronic voltage measurements. Its proven track record and Marine certified design make it an ideal starting solution for Marine applications even under the most demanding conditions.

Solcon's ProGear Medium Voltage switchgear is Fully Type Tested in according to IEC 62271-200 including Internal Arc rating and classification -31.5kA for 1 sec. IAC: AFLR, providing a very high level user protection.

The cabinets are all inspected and approved by Lloyd's Register for Marine use.

Solcon Expands Manufacturing Operations

Solcon is pleased to announce that it will be expanding its manufacturing operation into a new building, thereby doubling its production and warehouse space.

"In response to the growing demand for Solcon's products worldwide, we decided to significantly increase our manufacturing space. The expansion will allow us to increase the manufacturing capacity of our existing product lines as well as those of the new DriveStart and iStart" said Sasson Darvish, Solcon's VP Operations. "The new facility will house our Low Voltage production lines, a state of the art warehouse facility and service labs. The existing building will be renovated in order to increase the Medium Voltage manufacturing lines and making additional space for our growing R&D department."

The new space will be ready this summer. It will provide brand new production lines that adhere to the latest industry production planning & control standards. It will also provide a comfortable work environment for the organization. Renovating the existing space is an important step by Solcon, continuing our investment in new products, R&D and testing.

Experience the Evolution of Starters - Hannover Messe 2014 DriveStart

The response to the products we exhibited at Hannover Messe, one of the largest technology and industrial conferences in the world, was overwhelming!

During the show we launched the DriveStart, a brand new, first of its kind IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter, presented the ProGear, our fully Type Tested Arc Resistant Medium Voltage Soft Starter Switchgear, and displayed the newly designed iStart, Solcon's flagship Low Voltage Softer Starter.

DriveStart - A revolutionary Medium Voltage starting solution optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque. A cost effective solution for applications where only Medium Voltage Drives were applicable until now.

ProGear - Fully Type Tested Arc Resistant Medium Voltage Soft Starter Switchgear according to IEC 62271-200. Its advanced space saving design provides front, lateral and rear arc protection to prevent arc flash injury without compromising performance.

iStart - A complete Low Voltage Soft Starting Solution designed with you in mind. Easy to commission and simple to operate, its advanced features set it apart from other products in the market.

The show was a great opportunity for the Solcon team to meet our existing global partners, and also reach out to potential new clients. We were able to forge some great new strategic relationships and plant the seeds for potential partnerships.

To those of you who came by, thanks for making Hannover Messe a great success! We hope to see you again next year. The next innovations are already in the works!

You're Invited: DriveStart Launch Event at Hannover Messe

Visit us at Hannover Messe, where we will be introducing the DriveStart, a new IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter for applications requiring a low starting current and a high starting torque. Its small footprint and robust starting capabilities make it a cost effective solution.

DriveStart Launch Event Do you want free passes to the show? Contact us so we can assist you!


The Solcon iStart is Now Available!

Solcon's flagship Low Voltage Soft Starter was designed with you in mind. Easy to commission and simple to operate, its advanced features make it a one stop shop for any Low Voltage Soft Starting solution.
The iStart ratings include 17-1100 A, 208-690 V, 2 or 3-phase with internal bypass.

In addition, we have released the new iStart brochure. You can find these on our website or by clicking the link below.

iStart Brochure

World's First Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller

MV Thyristor Power Controller

November 30, 2013 - Solcon Industries introduced the world's 1st Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller (MV-TPS) at the PowerGen International Exhibition in Orlando Florida. The new patent pending, MV-TPS was featured by our customer, Gaumer Process, as an 'industry game-changer' for the control of medium voltage electric heaters.

The MV-TPS is used to control Gaumer Process 4160V electric heaters for oil & gas pipelines, boiler systems and other process applications. This heavy duty, digital, zero-crossing and/or phase control Power Control system is designed for all types of resistive loads (temperature control of heaters, etc.) at ratings up to 300A, and voltages from 4160-6600V.

Customers in the oil/gas, power generation, and other process industries will benefit from using the new MV-TPS Power Control. Until now, the use of solid state heater controls in the electric heating industry has been limited to low voltage systems. At medium voltage, switching contactors were the only viable control option. The new MV-TPS Solid State Power Control allows users to move from low voltage to medium voltage electric heaters. This means reduced cost, size and weight of the heaters. The advantages of the MV-TPS over traditional contactor control include optimal energizing of heating elements, precise heat control and system protection during operation, and long-term reliable operation.

For more information, contact the Solcon Sales team.

Now Available Type Tested Cabinets

Type Tested Switchgears

October 30, 2013 - Solcon is proud to announce that its Medium Voltage Soft-Starter HRVS-DN cabinet has successfully passed the full set of Type Tests according to IEC standards confirming its position as a market leader with a safe, reliable modular cabinet design. The switchgear included a fully functional HRVS-DN system including 12kV ,1250A , 31.5kA Incoming with fixed circuit breaker, Soft Starter cubicle with 11kV 400A Solcon Soft Starter and 12kV 630A bypass contactor, and Outgoing with 12kV 630A 31.5kA disconnect switch.

The testing was conducted at the Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICMET) and included the following:

  • Internal Arc Test (31.5kA for 1 second – IAC: AFLR)
  • Short Time Withstand Current (31.5kA for 3 seconds)
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Dielectric Test - 28kV/75kV
  • IP54 Protection Degree

"Solcon's Metal Enclosed cabinet design allows for a flexible configuration and is cost effective at the same time" explains Yuval Paz, VP Engineering & Projects at Solcon. "Compared with the Metal Clad designs currently available on the Market our cabinet design is both lean and resilient. Our modular cabinets are designed to withstand extreme conditions and passed the rigorous testing specified in the European standard accordingly."

The HRVS-DN, latest generation, Digital Medium Voltage Digital Soft Starter has been proven to be the best choice for starting Medium Voltage Asynchronous and Synchronous motors. Its sophisticated digital controller ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration with reduced in-rush current and mechanical torque shock.

Utilizing Thyristor Based Technology to Keep Pipes from Freezing

Thyristor Power Control

Product: Thyristor Power Controls

July 2013 - CCT Engineering is an engineering company that integrates heating solutions for pipes that are installed in extreme cold conditions. Areas of Russia endure extremely low environmental temperatures which demand taking special measures against the freezing of pipes. This was the case in Urengoi, Russia. CCT Engineering recently utilized Solcon's Thyristor Power Controller to control a 1 km heating element cable to prevent this problem.

Starting 40 High Power Rated Motors in Marine Applications


Product: RVS-DN

July 2013 - Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) are specially designed to supply goods and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms. Taking on such an important role, these vessels must be fully functional, at all times, thus reliability cannot be compromised.

Solcon Hosts 4 Day Seminar for Distributors and Partners

Solcon Seminar

July 2013 - Solcon hosted 20 distributors and business partners during a 4 day seminar held at Solcon's headquarters in Israel.

During the seminar, Solcon introduced its innovative compact HRVS-DN product as well as its cutting edge new Low Voltage Soft Starter- the iStart. The objective of the seminar was to strengthen relationships with the partners and distributors and to share Solcon's commitment to long term product reliability and innovation.

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