Control Products


• The Medium Voltage Inrush Current Limiter HRVS-TX up to 30MW, 15kV
• The Mediumv Voltage Thyristor Power Controller MV-TPS for 60-300A, 4160-6600V
The Thyristor Power Controller TPS for 8-1400A, 230-1000V
The DC Injection Brake Solbrake for 8-820A, 208-690V
The Protection Relays with built-in communication and programmable output relays

Precise Control for Your Application


Medium Voltage Inrush Current Limiter: HRVS-TX

Ratings: Up to 30MW, 15kV
The HRVS-TX transformer soft starter eliminates high inrush currents that cause nuisance tripping and prevent the damaging effects on transformer windings.


Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller: MV-TPS

Ratings: 60-300A, 4160-6600V
The MV-TPS is a heavy duty three phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to resistive heating elements.


DC Injection Brake: Solbrake

Ratings: 8-820A, 208-690V
The Solbrake Electronic brake provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking of standard motors by injecting controlled DC current into the motor windings after the line contactor has opened. This DC current induces a stationary magnetic field which exerts a braking torque on the rotor.


Thyristor Power Controller: TPS

Ratings: 8-1400A, 230-1000V
The TPS is a heavy duty single, two or three phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to either inductive or resistive heating elements.


Protection Relays

Advanced protection relays that combines built-in communication and programmable output relays.
MPS-3000 for Medium and Large Low Voltage Motors
MPS-6 for Large Low Voltage Motors
TPR-6 Temperature Protection Relay
MIP-6 Monitors Motor Insulation Resistance


Cathodic Protection: SCP-C

Ratings: 8A, 25A, and 50A at 50VDC
The advanced digital Impressed Current Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection includes a wide range of protection and measurement features and provides the ultimate solution for continuous supervisory operation. The SCP-C is designed and built according to the stringent standards
of NACE, CE, and DNV.