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Multi-Start for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry HRVS-DN

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings:
5 motors rated 6kV, 220A, 2MW

The HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter can be used to start a single motor or to control the start of several motors in sequence. Using the Multi-Star feature saves space and reduces construction and installation costs provided the soft starter is selected correctly.

In a recent installation, 2 HRVS-DN units were commissioned with the multi-start feature to start ten asynchronous motors. Each unit (rated: 6.6kV, 500A) was configured to start five motors rated 6kV, 220A, 2MW powering compressors in an Oil & Gas production facility. An MPS-3000 unit (motor protection and control relay) was supplied for each motor. This dedicated motor protection kicks into action after the soft starter bypass closes and the motor is in steady state operation. .

Oil & Gas Industry HRVS-DN

Originally the motors were started direct on line (DOL). However, over time this starting method damaged the motors, in severe cases even cracking the rotors. Downtime due to motor repair and maintenance had serious financial effects, leading the plant engineers to switch to soft starters.

Oil & Gas Industry HRVS-DN

Solcon worked closely with the local integrator and the facilities' engineers to design a system that would leverage the existing infrastructure, the factory's future needs and complement the integrator's electrical equipment. The durability and reliability of Solcon's Soft Starters provided a complete, simple, and cost effective motor starting and protection solution.