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Starting a Ball Mill at a Phosphate Mine

Test Bench

Product: DriveStart
Motor Ratings:
3.3 kV, 525kW

Phosphate Mine

Solcon's DriveStart was successfully commissioned, starting a Ball Mill at a phosphate mine. The ball mill (motor rating: 3.3 kV, 525kW) was previously started direct online, requiring 700A initial starting current. Per the customer's specifications, the DriveStart was programmed to start the application in 27 seconds using only 60A, 55% of IN.

Ball Mill Video
Solcon's DriveStart is a unique high torque Medium Voltage Soft Starter based on IGBT technology. It is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and /or high starting torque, and is an ideal starting solution for applications which do not require motor speed and/or torque control during operation.

"The DriveStart has generated a great deal of interest worldwide as it can start heavy duty applications which previously required a full functioning VFD that exceeded the actual application needs," says Mr. Izzi Eicher Solcon's VP Sales. "Compared to a Medium Voltage VFD, the DriveStart provides Soft Start and Soft Stop features at a significantly lower cost. It also allows for greater flexibility in motor selection as smaller motor can be used in conjunction with the DriveStart."