iStart – Low Voltage Mining Applications

Conveyor Control in Mining Quarries

iStart Size A B C for Conveyor Control

Product: iStart
Motor Ratings:
Six motors rated 15-30kW

Conveyors used in the mining industry are prone to mechanical damage due to high starting currents and starting torque. Soft starters are used to provide smooth motor acceleration and deceleration, eliminating mechanical shock especially when the application is loaded. The iStart, Solcon's advanced Low Voltage Soft Starter is a perfect fit for these types of applications controlling voltage, reducing torque at startup thus avoiding stress on motors bearings and shafts.

A stone quarry planning an add-on of six conveyor belts selected the iStart to start the new low voltage motors (rated 15-30kW). Solcon's technical pre-sales team supported the customer's design process providing a tailor made solution. The iStart units were installed on-site and configured for remote control via Modbus communication.

The iStart, Solcon's advanced Low Voltage Soft Starter is easy to commission and simple to operate. It provides a built-in comprehensive motor control package and a wide range of advanced features in a compact space saving design. Rated 17-430A, 208-690V it is suitable for pumps, critical applications that need complete motor protection and inside-delta connections.