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Hammer Crusher for the Mining Industry

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor rating: 600kW, 4.16kV 12 poles

Hammer Crusher, Holcim SA, Costa Rica
Holcim's primary Hammer Crusher was connected to a Siemens Synchronous AC Motor (480kW 4.0 kV 12 poles) and an old style technology Liquid Starter. The old system suffered from frequent power loss, numerous unexpected stops and leaks from the liquid starter which demanded constant maintenance. The low reliability of the starter system in addition to the starter limitation of only one start per hour resulted in downtime, reduced production and poor financial effectiveness.

Before After
Synchronous AC Motor
(480kW 4.0 kV 12 poles)
Siemens Asynchronous AC motor
(600kW 4.16kV 12 poles)
Liquid Rheostat Starter Solcon's HRVS-DN (400A 4160V)

After careful consideration, Holcim decided to replace the complete system and selected a new Siemens Asynchronous AC motor (600kW 4.16kV 12 poles) fitted with Solcon's highly reliable HRVS-DN (400A 4.16kV) Medium Voltage Soft Starter.

The new system was recently commissioned and has been operating smoothly optimizing uptime. Production has significantly improved, unexpected stops have been eliminated, the number of starts per hour has increased to 3 and with the profibus communication on the Solcon HRVS-DN Soft Starter remote control and monitoring is now available.