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DriveStart Commissioned to Start a Vacuum Blower

Product: DriveStart

Motor Ratings: 3.3 kV, 400A, 1700kVA

DriveStart Vacuum Blower

Solcon's DriveStart was selected to start a Turbo Air Vacuum Blower at a paper mill replacing an existing Reactor Starter. The Reactor Starter was used initially to start the blower (3.3kV, 400A, 1700kVA), but it was challenging to start with the limited available current and the electric network restrictions. In addition, starting the motor using this method was only allowed during pre-scheduled production stops.

Solcon's DriveStart was able to start the blower well within the limited current requirements during the normal production period reducing the plant's downtime. The DriveStart provides full torque start at nominal motor current or even lower and is ideal for starting large Medium Voltage motors supplied by weak electrical networks.

DriveStart Vacuum Blower