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Product: HRVS-DN

Ball Mills & Conveyors

Ball Mill with Solcon's HRVS-DN

In 2015, Solcon has been expanding its operations in Central Asia. Kicking-off our activities in the region is the Qizilqumsement project in Uzbekistan.

Qizilqumsement, one of the largest cement factories the country, has embarked on an upgrading process, updating its existing machinery and adding new operations in order to increase production and productivity. As part of this ongoing process, Solcon was selected to supply the Soft Starting systems for 16 Medium Voltage motors running new and existing machines.

Conveyor with Solcon's HRVS-DN Working together, Solcon's Engineering Department and our local partner Mekhatronika Engineering designed a custom-made starting solution that met all off the mechanical, electrical and technological requirements set by Qizilqumsement. The solution included a dedicated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to allow integration with the existing infrastructure as well as the plant's future expansion plans.

The initial phase of the project included the commissioning of two HRVS-DN Multi-Start Systems for a ball mill and a conveyor belt. The first HRVS-DN Multi-Start System was commissioned to start an existing synchronous motor (rated: 3.2MW, 10kV), powering two ball mills. The second HRVS-DN multi-start system was commissioned to start two existing asynchronous motors (rated: 315kW, 10kV) powering two 3km long conveyors. Both systems were previously starter Direct on Line (DOL) and over the years the gears of the motors had been repaired and even replaced due to the effects of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock. The HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter eliminated the mechanical wear and tear ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration.