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October 2014 Newsletter

Multi-Voltage, Medium Voltage Soft Starter Test Bench

Test Bench A new multi-voltage and multi-current HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter Test Bench was commissioned for one of the world's leading pump manufacturers in the UK. The HRVS-DN (300A, 11kV) was designed to accept 3.3kV, 5kV, 6.6kV, 10kV and 11kV incoming Voltages and test a wide range of motors from 30A to 300A.

"The smallest motor the station can test is 155kW at 3.3kV," explains Asher Gal Zur, Solcon's Commissioning Engineer. "The largest is 4.7MW at 11KV. So it has the capability to test some very large pumps, such as would be used on city-wide water distribution networks, for major crop irrigation systems, flood defenses and in oilfield installations."

The Test Bench uses the Soft Starter in a unique way. Highly accurate voltage and current transformers were used in order to accumulate precise test data. This data is transferred by a Profibus link to a central data center providing traceable data for each motor. This data is then
used as a comprehensive starting profile that can be mapped out and
used to develop a fully documented technical manual for each pump
and it's motor. "This documentation is very important, as it enables the
pumps to be set-up and optimized. It is the main point of reference
throughout the pumps' working life (which on a capital pump is likely
to be several decades)" says Asher. Test Bench

Contact us for more information on this or
other HRVS-DN applications.

Educational Seminars For Clients and Partners
APE Group Seminar

A seminar is a very effective tool to increase awareness for products and educate clients and partners. Seminars allow us to connect, in person, with an audience delivering content tailored to their interests.

Last month, our partner in Thailand, APE Group, arranged a seminar introducing their key clients to Solcon's new products and technological advancements. Mr. Jonathan Barrie, Solcon's Area Manager, was invited to deliver the main presentation introducing:
DriveStart, the high torque, IGBT based Soft Starter
• ProGear, fully type tested, arc resistant, Medium Voltage Soft Starter switchgear
iStart, our newest Low Voltage Soft Starter
Motor protection solutions

"It was a great opportunity to gain new insights of these technologies, as well as a chance to interact more closely with our valued customers and partners" says Mrs. Manthana Tikakosol, Managing Director of APE Group in Thailand.

Solcon is dedicated to support your educational effort, contact us to arrange seminars or webinars targeting your area of interest

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