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November 2014 Newsletter

Successful Commissioning of Solcon's DriveStart at Phosphate Mine

Solcon's DriveStart was successfully commissioned, starting a Ball Mill at a phosphate mine. The Ball mill (motor rating: 3.3 kV, 525kW) was previously started direct online, requiring 700A initial starting current. Per the customer's specifications, the DriveStart was programmed to start the application in 27 seconds using only 60A, 55% of IN.

Solcon's DriveStart is a unique high torque Medium Voltage Soft Starter based on IGBT technology. It is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and /or high starting torque, and is an ideal starting solution for applications which do not require motor speed and/or torque control during operation.

"The DriveStart has generated a great deal of interest worldwide as it can start heavy duty applications which previously required a full functioning VFD that exceeded the actual application needs," says Mr. Izzi Eicher Solcon's VP Sales. "Compared to a Medium Voltage VFD, the DriveStart provides Soft Start and Soft Stop features at a significantly lower cost. It also allows for greater flexibility in motor selection as smaller motor can be used in conjunction with the DriveStart."

Contact us for more information to discover how using a DriveStart can reduce 50% space requirements, energy waste, and operational costs.

Test Bench
Dr. Yoram Waltuch beside the Ball Mill
Ball Mill Video

HRVS-DN Commissioned for Sugar Cane Roller Mill and Cutter

Ingenio Madre Tierra is one of the leading developers and producers of sugar cane in Guatemala's Sugar Cane Agro-Industry. In line with the company modernization strategy and its continuous efficiency improvement, the company selected Solcon's leading Medium Voltage HRVS-DN Soft Starter to start its sugar cane roller mill and cutter, at its facility in Escuintla, Guatemala. The Solcon Soft Starters replaced existing starting systems which had become obsolete. By installing the robust HRVS-DN, and adopting Solcon's advanced starting technology, Ingenio Madre Tierra expects to boost production rate, reduce maintenance, and maximize uptime.

The HRVS-DN (4.16kV, 600A) units were commissioned to start two existing Siemens 3-phase induction motors with a squirrel cage rotor (rating: 2238kW, 4.16kV). The successful installation and commissioning was carried out by the plant's electrical engineers who were supported by the Siemens Guatemala team. Since the installation, the Soft Starters have been operating smoothly, according to the customer's specifications, and meeting their expectations.

Contact us for more information regarding this and other HRVS-DN projects worldwide

Solcon HRVS-DN Soft Starters
Sugar Cane Roller Mill at
Ingenio Madre Tierra, Guatemala

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