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March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

Hannover Messe 2015

Join us for the latest innovations in Solcon Soft Starters at Hannover Messe (Hall 11, Stand B32).

We will be presenting our leading Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Soft Starters as well as the DriveStart Medium Voltage high torque Soft Starter.

  • DriveStartIGBT based, Medium Voltage Soft Starter (up to 11kV, 600A)
    The first of its kind IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque. Saving costs, energy and space while meeting top performance requirements.
  • ProGear Rated up to 12kV, 1250A
    Fully type tested arc resistant Medium Voltage Soft Starter switchgear.
  • RVS-DNHeavy Duty, Low Voltage Soft Starter (8-3000A, 220-1200V)
    Low Voltage, High Power! Presenting Solcon's heavy duty, highly reliable Low Votage Soft Starter.
  • iStartAdvanced, Low Voltage Soft Starter (17-430A, 208-690V)
    Our new and most advanced digital Low Voltage Soft Starter. Easy to commission and simple to operate.
  • HRVS-DN – Heavy Duty, Medium Voltage Soft Starter (2.3-15kV, up to 48MW)
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iStart is now available from 17-430A, 208-690V
iStart Brochure

iStart is Solcon's latest, most advanced soft starter providing the optimal solution for a wide range of applications. With a built-in bypass and 2 or 3-phase control. enhanced soft-start and soft-stop characteristics and a comprehensive motor protection package it is one of the best Low Voltage soft starters in the market.

HRVS-DN Starts an Industrial Compressor
Solcon RVS-DN

HBriones S.E., Solcon's partner in Chile, was invited to bid on a Soft Starting solution for a compressor at Planta HPN Concón, a new Nitrogen production plan developed by Indura (Chile).

Indura has been developing these types of projects in Chile and other countries across Latin America, using different starting methods such as DOL, Auto Transformer and Soft Starters. HBriones offered Solcon's technology in order to reduce cost, optimize use of energy and shorten delivery time.

After an internal analysis of this proposal, Indura selected Solcon's highly reliable HRVS-DN (300A, 4.16kV) Medium Voltage Soft Starter solution. The main decision parameter was having a one-source provider of hardware and software for the full required equipment: protection, soft starter and capacitor bank cabinets. In addition, the customer requested remote starting capabilities for the applications.

The project was successfully delivered and commissioned by HBriones and is currently operating smoothly.

About Indura:
Indura, has over 65 years of experience in the production, marketing and development of gases in Latin America. It is part of the American Air Products, a group of global industrial gas companies.

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