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July 2014 Newsletter

Solcon's new DriveStart is your solution for applications requiring up to 200% starting torque

DriveStartSolcon's DriveStart, the first of its kind IGBT Medium Voltage Soft Starter, has been installed and tested successfully at 200% starting torque.

The DriveStart is the ideal solution for starting applications that require low starting current and/or high starting torque where previously only a VFD would have been the solution. The DriveStart will save you cost, energy and space while meeting the same performance requirements and starting/stopping characteristics.

3.3kV DriveStart - Available
4.16kV DriveStart - Available
6.6kV DriveStart - January 2015

For more information, contact us and download the DriveStart brochure.

HRVS-DN: Proven Reliability And Performance

Air Compressors, Messer, Vietnam
Motor rating: 2000kW, 4000kW and 4500kW

Messer Vietnam Industrial Gas Ltd., in Hai Duong province Vietnam, selected Solcon as their supplier of choice to start three air compressors rated 2000kW, 4000kW and 4500kW). The Solcon HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters (6.6kV 300A, 500A and 600A) were chosen in order to reduce high inrush current on starting, as well as to reduce the voltage drop while the motors come up to speed.

The three HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters were commissioned successfully to the full satisfaction of the customer by Hai Anh JSC – Solcon's partner in Vietnam. The starting current is now substantially lower than Direct on Line starting current and starting time is less than 10 sec. In addition, the voltage drop when starting the compressor is impressive at less than 5%, a very important factor given the weak electrical network available.

Messer Vietnam Air Compressor
HRVS-DN (6.6kV 300A, 500A and 600A)  

About Messer Vietnam:
Messer Group has been a world leader in industrial gases for more than 100 years, manufacturing and supplying oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, shielding gases for welding, specialty gases, medical gases and a wide variety of gas mixtures. Headquartered in Germany, Messer Group has been present in Vietnam Since 1997 and a major force in the market ever since.

Learn more about HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter .

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